Our Value

Our commitment is to our client!  We strive to provide a world class experience with every last detail in mind!  We practice this from the Sino-Japanese word "Kaizen" simply means "change for better". The word refers to any improvement, one-time or continuous, large or small.
We do our best to provide the best product, furnished turn key apartment our clients can move right into and feel at home.

If you are an owner looking for an agency to rent your apartment for short term rentals you have found the right source, here is the value we will bring to you!
Our value is our experience and our knowledge in the market of short term rentals in Rio de Janeiro.  Our existing structure and logistic consist of our multi lingual team of capable agents that are experts in the local market making sure your apartment will get managed properly with the right clients that will occupy it.

Rio Management was established and exists since 2010, our past experience consisted of large events which include JMJ 2012, Rio+20, Carnival, NYE, World Cup and Olympic Games 2016.  Rio's market has dramatically changed in the recent years (increase of supply, decrease of prices )   Rio Management knows this and can easily tell if a apartment has the potential to be rented for short term, the apartment needs to pass a 3 part criteria:  We need remodeled apartments, in excellent locations at great prices!  Once we have this kind of product, Rio Management has the knowledge to "sell" it to the client.  We know where to announce the apartment (many different sites), how to be visible on Google and short term rental web sites, we know what the client price needs to be in order to get bookings.  Our existing structure helps a lot in the logistic of running a short term rental agency.  We offer the client several payment options with contracts in few different languages making the booking process easy. We supply our own sheets and towels, our laundry, our cleaning lady's which allows us to be always ready to receive the client even on a last minute booking in the best condition.

Rio Management has an excellent team that knows how to be the most reactive to answer to a request from a client (in 5 languages), or to have an apartment always ready for a same day check-in,  always have someone to welcome the client at any time.  Rio Management, is in charge of announcing your apartment with the most adapted price and the professional pictures, answer the request of any international client in less than 5 min, taking in charge the payment from the beginning to the end, preparing the apartment, welcoming the client do the check-in, giving support to the client if needed during their stay, cleaning / laundry at check-out and preparing it again for the next potential client.

Owners, please contact us we are ready to evaluate your property and make sure your apartment is on line ready to receive your first booking!